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You have reached the personal website of Casey Uhrig.  Please have a look around and contact me if you have any questions.

Image Gallery

The images in the gallery were created using POV Ray, PhotoShop, and a few other miscilanious programs.

Image of POV Planet Image of a robot, the poster version Image of a spider, the poster version Communication Node for the POV Planet universe. Digital High logo version 2 Fractal image Space Ship Image of a poser chick Image of a mechanical fish Justa randon image Continue to the main gallery >>


I would like to start a POV Ray community generated planet named Tronika.

What is Tronika

Transformers Cybertron style 3D rendered planet

Basically, divide a sphere into segements... people can apply for a plot of land (segment) then create that part of the planet.  I will combine all the parts together and render the planet as a whole.  Sound interesting? If so please contact me and I will work on getting the infastructure setup!

Images @ Zazzle

Various images from this website can be purchased from Zazzle.com